BREGN inspired cognizance in the ethereal art-rock world of his latest single, Dopamine Mind


Set to release on December 16th, ahead of the holiday season when it is more appealing to phase out into our phones and get a dopamine fix than be present, Dopamine Mind gets to the crux of the dopamine addiction, which many of us mainline into day by day.

“It is so easy to get distracted, and addicted to those distractions, which are now more instantly accessible than ever. The protagonist in Dopamine Mind thinks it is the phone’s fault, but his revelation is that the root of the addiction is found elsewhere. He sets out to reset his mind and restart a life, focused on things of meaningful deep value, away from artificial dialogue and small talk.” BREGN

“After slipping into the dreamy folk worlds crafted by the 100% DIY artist, the Avant-Garde intellectualism of Dopamine Mind was a broadsiding sensory experience. BREGN has definitively proven with this release that he isn’t to be underestimated. It’s as much of a feast for the mind as for the soul. “As someone who compulsively lights up her phone as an impulsive impulse, I’m beyond gratified for the push into a more positive, productive direction.” Amelia Vandergast, the Executive Editor at A&R Factory