The latest single “You and Me” is a bitter-sweet exposition of a summer of untold grief unfurling around the collective psyche as we mourn for losses we can scarcely comprehend. After melodically referencing the dream-like naivety of Summertime in the intro, YOU AND ME progresses into a striking balance of light and dark, referenced in the lo-fi & raw yet masterfully composed tones just as much as the lyrics. Romanticism and humanity wraps around a pervasive sense of fear as this emotionally complex single epitomises what it means to be human in a time that can drive the most intelligent minds to dissonance.

“BREGN’s minimalist soundscapes and the sonorous sense of soul in his quiescent harmonies always strike a visceral chord. With this new melancholic shift, YOU AND ME hit like a tonne of bricks.

In the same way that Slowdive can hammer home the emotion solely through their reverb-laced angular guitar notes, the guitars in this sombrely sweet single drive you to the brink of tears. Before the choral storm in the outro as a torridly dystopian crescendo pushes you over the emotional edge.” Amelia Vandergast,  A&R Factory

With compassion and positivity as a muse, BREGN’s single, Be Fine, was released onto the airwaves as a refreshing take on folk in 2020.

In 2021, BREGN released their catchy atmospheric single, RAW, which painted an elysian picture of paradise and followed on with the ethereal, folky quiescence in his third single, WIND. The single DREAMING is 3-minutes of sheer 60s psych pop with the storytelling roots of folk.