With compassion and positivity as a muse, BREGN’s single, Be Fine, was released onto the airwaves as a refreshing take on folk in 2020. In 2021, BREGN released their catchy atmospheric single, RAW, which painted an elysian picture of paradise and followed on with the ethereal, folky quiescence in his third single, WIND. The single DREAMING is 3-minutes of sheer 60s psych pop with the storytelling roots of folk.


The latest single SUMMERTIME is a meditative tapestry of intimacy and intricacy. With nuances of shoegaze in the production around the affection in the folky guitar progressions, BREGN’s introspectively affectionate vocals had a pool of melodious sweetness to fall into. Summertime succinctly sinks its teeth into the myriad of emotions that the weather and natural phenomena can trigger as they act as parables for human relationships. 

Listening to “Summertime” is like entering a trance, I get so lost in the lo-fi soundscape of beautiful guitar arpeggios and subtle synth accents. – Oscar, Needs More Cowbell